about hudong:
Hudong heavy industrial machinery manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a professional company designated by the state; Production, forging equipment, plate bending machine, shearing machine. Have complete equipment, strong Technical strength and good geographical location, the company has design and development capabilities and product manufacturing, Uses the advanced processing equipment, perfect design plan, process improvement, product Structure is beautiful and durable, and reliable performance...
Hydraulic shearing machine is borrowed from the movement of the upper blade and the lower blade is fixed, the use of reasonable knife Blade clearance, for various thickness of sheet metal shearing force, which makes the board according to the required..
about jinhai:
Our company was founded in 1988, is located in the country's cutting tool first town Bowang Town, to At the 314 provincial road, from Nanjing Lukou Airport only 28 kilometers, traffic is very convenient. The company occupies An area of 55000 square meters, the existing staff of 130 people, has the domestic and foreign processing equipment more than 120 Taiwan, the company has from the smelting, forging, rough machining, machining, heat treatment, detection, Analysis to the research, development, production as one of the enterprises...
The Blade shears are generally T10, 9CrSI, 6CrW2Si, QC12Y cutting machine blade Cr12MoV, H13, alloy steel and several material. Products are widely used in: light industry, aviation
about angong:
Anhui Engineering Machinery Manufactury Co., Ltd is the development, production of construction machinery, engineering machinery and wear resistant alloy casting The main star enterprise.Anhui Provincial Machinery Manufacturing Co., the company adhere to the "quality of survival, to the science and technology Progress, talent and development, seeking to serve the credibility of "production management policy, relying on science and technology Innovation...
The crusher, particle size of the product is coarse, usually larger than 8 mm. The structural characte of there is a certain gap between the broken pieces, not in contact with each other. The crusher can be divided For coarse crusher, crushing machine, fine crushing machine....
About Ruike
Company Introduction
Ma'anshan Ruike Machinery Trade Co., Ltd. was founded in 2012, is a professional foreign trade mainly in machinery enterprise. After Ruike hard work, production scale has expanded on New Year's day alone thick products market and customers a high degree of recognition after a year, over the years, the company always adhere to the "customer first" management philosophy, strive for the best products manufacturing machinery.
Ruike Team
The team to five uniform: the goal of unity, unified thought, unified rules Unity, unified action, voice. The goal of unity. When a team in action To communicate and coordinate each other, make action unified and orderly, so that the whole process reasonable cohesion, Every detail is interlocking. Has expanded production scale is highly recognized by its unique advantage of product market and customer After a year, for many years, The company always adhere to the "customers first
Business philosophy
Nowadays, society, economy, industry... All aspects are a big change. In order to Keep the Rick group is always a "contribution" to the social development of the enterprise, in the future we Will be based on the business philosophy, and constantly open up new future. We as operating a business from a social call personnel, goods, money of the enterprise, through Through its activities to the society Make a contribution is that it Mission. By not
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