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Our company was built in the year 1988, located in Bowang Town of 314 Provincial Highway, China First Town for Cutting Tool, it’s only 28 kilometers from the company to Nanjing Lukou Airport, and the traffic here is very convenient. The company occupies an area of 55000 square meters, now it has more than one hundred and thirty employees, and more than one hundred and twenty processing equipments. The company was an enterprise that integrates smelting、forging、roughing、heat treatment、precision processing, test and analysis, research, exploitation and manufacture into an organic whole . 
  Through the efforts of the whole stuff, the company passed Quality IS09001:2000 Control System Attestation , and the company has strictly carried out the management according to the requirements of quality control system. Since the year 2000,Our company has been awarded the honorary titles: AA+ Credit Enterprise、Municipal Excellent Credit Enterprise、Trustworthy & Contract-abiding Unit、 Quality & reputation Example Unit、Anhui Nongovernmental Technological Enterprise、Anhui Quality Reliable Product. In 1998, the products got the accept certificate of technical identification, and in 2003, the thick blade was selected as the “care-free product of Anhui market” by the quality inspection institute; In 2004, the brand “Yanjin” of our company was awarded as the “famous band of Anhui province”; In 2005, the company was awarded   As the “professional , special and new” enterprise by Ma’anshan city, and etc..  
Our company rofessionally manufactures cold、hot cutting blade, continuous casting blade, fly cutter, rod blade , double blade for thick plank, disc blade, cold-rolling series for high-alloy steel.  
  After the reform and open policy the steel industry development was rapid, the steel output rate of various mid-thick board raise by leaps and bounds. Far from production demands for 5CrW2Si、6CrW2Si, we’ve renewed the equipments to increase annual output. In1996, our company invested to develop H13K、HMB high-alloy blade with obvious predominances: high-temperature resistance、abrasion resistance、impact resistance、high intensity、high rigidity、antifatigue and so on. It’s difficult problem for technique to use the blades in thick plank、rod worm steel、cold rolling steel、large-diameter disc, so we adopt HMB materials as dics blades to satisfy cut lubricity、smoothness, long life for cutting materials, which are warmly welcome by the mass of customers. It can improve cutting quality and efficiency, relieve of labour strength, enhance 3-5 times than raw material for cutting quality.. In 1998, we won provincial authentication certificate of new products and new technology. 
  Tpresent it’s a difficult problem for technique to manufacture Φ1300、Φ1200 disc blades and the high alloy high strength materials, So we adopt HMB materials as disc blades to satisfy cut lubricity、smoothness, long life for cutting materials, which are warmly welcome by the mass of customers. 
  Our company is also the supplier member of the national steel rolling mid-thick plate information network. The company has the good sales achievement and high praise from the users among the national mid-thick plate factories. 
  From 1996 till now, since the new material was used, the data unceasingly has been rising every year, and the rising data fully explained the unusual performance of the new steel. If in units and so on Jining Steel Works Medium plate plant and Nanking Steel Works medium plate plant carries on omni-directionally, the long time contrast inspection with the same profession factory bit. The H13K life is same as 2.5-3.5 times the professional factory, but HMB had achieved above 5 times, also does not have the breaking and the obtuse mouth phenomenon. The kiuchuan steel works after uses our company both sides to cut, each cutting edge cutting steel plate quantity above 16,000 tons, thus has surpassed west Mark with the South Korean bit 8000 ton cutting quantities. In the Wuyang steel mill, cuts high strength board to cut including compound board both sides, one-sided cuts the quantity to amount to 1.36 tons. Appraises our company the bit to be much better than the Japanese bit. The Shanghai three steel thick plate factory uses our company material quality is the HMB bit, carries on the comparison with the German import bit, compared with after, reported explained “the crag gold” the sign bit is German bit cutting quantity 2 times, also the smooth finish is high, the combined earnings is obvious. The Nanking Steel Works volume board uses our company bit, appraises its service life and the import bit quite, and requests our company to supply goods for a long time. But the present always uses imports the bit Anshan Iron and Steel Company Thick plate Factory, also changes to our company the bit, our company bit had achieved imports the bit the effect, simultaneously has solved the import bit price high, the goods supply time long, the post-sale service not prompt and so on the questions. H13K and the HMB new material quality manufacture bit, has yielded certain result in the domestic more than 50 iron and steel company, has received high praise. 
   In the year 2002, the company developed the nichrome heat-resisting alloy, manufactured the slide block of heating furnace with long life、slow-change resistance、strong antioxidation in high temperature(over 1300 ℃). And the products entered the market smoothly. 
   For the discharge door of the thick plate heating furnace, many domestic enterprises adopt armor plates and the middle watering cooling structure, while the heat quantity of the discharge door is much, and the cooling water carries off much quantity of heat, then causes the quantity of consumed energy in this area is high, and the service life of the furnace door is shortened, and it affects the heating quality of the billet. Along with the continuous raising of the output of the thick plate factory, this question became more prominent, in order to further reduce the energy cost of the heating furnace and enhance the heating quality of billet, our company made the water-free discharge door of furnace for the third factory of Shanghai Steel. We used the refractory steel to made the furnace door, and adds the high temperature fireproof textile fiber as the inside lining, in order to guarantee the furnace door not to distort and be oxidated under the high temperature, and that met the customers’ needs. 
   Insisting on “Scientific & Technological Innovation”, we are going to optimize production technology, pay attention to market feedback information, exchange and renew products. Our company has become domestically famous supplier of Bao Steel、Panzhihua Steel、Tiangang Steel、Nanjing Steel、Jinan Steel、Huaigang Steel. We’ve been taking the lead in metallurgy trade and machinery manufacturing. 
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