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slitting blades

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Product information

1.Twenty-four years experience 
3.We make steel by ourselves ,so the materials are various 
4.Forging steel make the inside microstructure become much closer and the metal grain size becomes much smaller to ensure a long worklife. 
5.Competitive price 
6.Passed the ISO9001 quality certification in 2001 
7.OEM and ODM 
8.Specializes in manufacturing all kinds of cutting tools, including slitting knives ,shearing blades,wear-resistant furnace sliders,cutting blades, rollers,etc 
9.Blade:maximum length of 5800mm and maximum diameter of 1500mm 
10.Materials5CrW2Si, 6CrW2Si, Cr12MoV, 9CrSi, H13 and self-developed H13k, HMB and HMK high various alloy steel
11.High intensity, high hardness, high toughness, and high hardenability, etc. 
12.Widely used in industries of steel, rubber, papermaking, and so on. 
13.Each technical index reaches the international standard.

Operatinal Progress: 
Steel-making— Blanking— Forging Steel— Rough Progressing— Heat Treatment— Finishing— Testing

Steel-making by medium frequency furnaces 
Steel-making begins from the start of this century in Jinhai Company. So the company can meet special requirements for materials. In order to guarantee the quality, Jinhai company imported spectrometer from Germany and is equipped with various tester, such as tensile tester, impact testing machine, metallography analyzer and so on.

Electro slag remelting 
The largest ingot can reach 3 tons in Jinhai company. The ingot obtained by this remelting/refining process is very homogeneous and free of internal defects. The segregation of the ingot(called macro-segregations) are substantially eliminated and the segregations of crystals(called micro-segregations)are significantly reduced. The ESR remelted material improve following mechanical characteristics: 
. Improved toughness due to increased homogeneity and isotropy 
. Improved creep resistance properties 
. Best fatigue strength and tenacity properties as well as outstanding tensile strength 
. Improved purity

Forging steel 
Forging process can trance to 1990s in Jinhai company. The largest electro-hydraulic hammer is 4.5 ton. And more than 6 skilled technicians work here. After forging the inside microstructure becomes much closer and the metal grain size becomes much smaller. It can elevate the characteristics and quality of the knife ensuring a longer life of the knife.

Rough processing 
No less than 40 sets of processing equipment in the rough processing workshop of Jinhai company, including lathe, milling machine, planer, drill machine etc. Skilled workers are employed in its rough processing workshop.

Heat treatment 
Jinhai company has independent workshop for heat treatment. Couples of skilled technicians work here. Actually, all blades(thickness less than100MM)can be fully hardened. Thus, the blades can be used after repairing until the size reached the minimum design dimension.

Finishing processing 
Jinhai company has more than 35 sets of processing equipment including internal grinder, external grinder, surface grinder, CNC grinder, electric spark CNC wire-cut etc. The company can produce the shearing blades with 5800mm in length and slitting knives with 1500mm in outside diameter.

Various testers are put to use for testing its products in Jinhai company. They are including tensile tester impact testing machine, metallography analyzer, harmless flaw detector, magnetic powder inspection, hardness tester, caliper rule, microcalliper, etc. Testing is carried out after each step. And every products has a unique tracking number. Thus it is easy to trace back anytime.

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